whs photos

Here are Pictures of Activities that Happened in the First and Second Term under the 2017/2018 Academic year. The photos of activities include PTA donation, last December Carols night celebration, Career day and lot more. To view more photos of the school, go to the gallery page.

end of first term our day

End of 1st Term 20172018 Our day

Officials for election of prefects

Officials for the election of prefects for the 2017/2018 academic year at West Hatch School

Voting for prefects students casting their votes

Voting for prefects, students casting their votes

west hatch school extra caricular activities

Career day

Career day

Career day

career day at school

Career day event at West Hatch School

Christmas carols

Christmas carols service

Christmas carols

Christmas carols

Donation of stage to the school by the School PTA

Set of canopies and stage donated to the¬†school by the school’s PTA

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